An Excerpt from Legend

Date Posted: 06/22/19
Author: Lisa Fender

An Excerpt From Legend - Book 5 of The Lorn Prophecy

This is from Chapter 3. I hope you enjoy it!

Carson slept for at least twelve hours by his estimation. It was dusk when he had passed out, and now the sun was above the mountains.
            He left his room to look for anyone with a familiar face. The day before when he and Wood returned from town, he had told Carson that he was going to spend the evening with Jan. Which left him with nothing to do and no one to visit with.
            His partner, Kerry O’Neill was in another city, Tyré, and all of their other friends were on a journey at least a month’s ride east of Phraile Highlae. He was grateful not to be on that quest. He shivered to think of the kind of weather, and not to mention, dangerous enemies they would probably deal with along the way as they searched for the last three objects.
            Carson entered the dining room to find Omae and a lovely young lady speaking to each other as they ate breakfast. “Good morning.” He inclined his head.
            Omae glanced up from her discussion. “Good morrow, Agent Carson.” She gestured to the coffee. “Please, help yourself.”
            Carson filled his cup and joined them. “Have you seen my friends Wood or Jan this morning?”
            “No,” said Omae. “Yet we have only been here a little while.”
            Carson’s eyes drifted from the alchemist, to the beautiful light-haired woman. As she met his gaze, he quickly looked away. God, I feel like I’m in high school again. When he chanced another look, she too was avoiding his eyes.
            Omae must have noticed since she motioned toward the young woman. “Agent Carson, this is my daughter, Elae.”
            Carson smiled and reached out his hand and, as if on instinct, took hers. Her skin was soft and warm to his fingers. “Nice to meet you, Elae. I have not seen you here before.”
            Elae returned a shy smile, and yet it lit up her eyes. “I am not usually here, but I am studying alchemy and my mother is the best teacher in all of Djenrye.”
            Her blue eyes mesmerized him. He wanted to take her away and sit and talk, just the two of them. “Interesting. I’ve often wondered about how herbs and elixirs worked to heal.”
            “Oh you have?” said Omae. “I am more than willing to teach you the art.”
            Carson’s gaze moved to Omae as he slowly nodded, then seemed to snap out of it. “What? On no, I only meant …”
            “Why do you not meet us at the apothecary later today? I would be glad to start you with a few simple potions.” Omae’s smile had morphed to a grin.
            I put my foot in my mouth. And she knows it. “Ah, no. I really don’t want to learn potions, but it is fascinating.” He gave her a sheepish look.
            Omae stood from her seat. “Well, if you ever change your mind, you know where to find me.” She turned to her daughter. “Come along, Elae. We have work to do.” As she neared the door, she said over her shoulder, “And will you pass along a message to Jan for me? Tell her we will wait for her at my shop.”
            “Sure,” said Carson. He couldn’t help watching them leave and disappear into the foyer and, as much as he tried, his thoughts kept going back to Elae. “That wouldn’t be fair.” Carson clamped his mouth shut. Someone might have overheard his outburst. Great, talking to myself and thinking about a relationship that would end in six months when I returned to Terra-hun.
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