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Date Posted: 04/18/19
Author: Lisa Fender

Updates on new covers and Myth

So much has been happening with the books, and my life, I thought first posting a newsletter then redirecting to the blog was the best way to get it all in. Especially for those who want to know everything. 

My fourth in the series, Myth, will be launched Sunday May 4th at my party in Golden, Colorado! I'm extremely excited about the party, and the book. I've always had my book launches at Bean Fosters in Golden, one, because of the wonderful coffee/used book store that it is, and two, there is plenty of room and Truett the owner is very accomidating and at a reasonable price. And know that if any of you are in town, you are more than welcome to come! The time is 5:30 to 7:30.

If you took a moment to check out the home page on this site, you saw the new cover for Myth, and the one for Fable. Tale's should be done soon! The reason for the major changes in my covers is I was informed that the original covers screamed Middle Grade, not Young Adult and were in need of a scene depicted from the book and with people on them. 

If I am being honest, I don't like putting people on my covers for a few reasons. First, I think it makes it look like a romance, and second, I want people to have their own ideas of what my characters should look like. This is why I don't show Stevie's face. I might show it from the side, but I do not want some model to be the face of my main character. 

The first cover, Fable, is a scene of Stevie with the Orb, and Colton up in the tree. Lore's should still have the portal with Stevie looking up at it. I am hoping it will show that the portal is much bigger than you thought. Tale will be a scene much like my banner of the desert. It will have Stevie overlooking the pyramid. And finally, Myth, is a scene from the ice cave they enter to locate one of the five artifacts in the story. 

I really do hope you like the covers and enjoy Stevie's story of Djenrye and the different conflicts and journeys she must endure. There are dark times she faces, and of course, wonderful times too. As you read Myth, you will learn more about the Gods and their ties to the different races in Djenrye. 

Please send me an email, or comment on this blog and let me know what you think! It does mean a lot to me to hear from you and it's nice to know I have such wonderful fans!

One more thing before I go, I will be at Pop Culture Con, (formally Denver Comic Con) and I hope if you go you stop by my table and say hello! My sister, Toni will be with me this year. She's a hoot and a lot of fun to talk with. Usually my husband is with me, but this year he is having major back problems and might need surgery even before the Con. I don't know my table number yet, but as soon as I do, I will post it on my site and on Facebook. 

Thank you for being such wonderful fans and for all of your support with my writing and my books!

Hugs, Lisa
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