A Bonus Excerpt In Celebration Of My Launch Party

Date Posted: 04/30/19
Author: Lisa Fender

A Bonus Excerpt From Myth

I thought since my launch party is this weekend, I would celebrate by releasing another excerpt to entise. I hope you look forward to reading the latest in the series - Myth!
To set the scene: Stevie and Esalon decide to see what her newly found powers can actually do. Finding out that she has the blood of the Gods in her veins has now led her to experiment.

When they were alone again, Esalon pointed to the dummies. “I have a new exercise for you.” He strode over and pushed one of them forward. “Picture our faux friend here as either Torren, or Accumae, whichever you prefer. I want you to recall to mind all the ills the enemy of your choice has done to you. Once you have focused them within it, I want you to attack, yes, yes.” He nodded vigorously.
            Stevie stared at the dummy for a moment. Torren—he was the one that would bring out her rage the most. “So, you think I can get myself worked up enough to take it out on him.”
            “That is the intention, yes, yes. I believe one of your newly found powers will manifest, and, perhaps with it, the power to kill.”
            She turned back at the Mage and grinned. “Oh, I’m sure I can at least cause harm, if not destroy.”
            “Good, good,” said the Mage. “Now, find that power and loose it on the enemy.”
            Stevie squared her shoulders and concentrated, using the same focus as she had with the light bending to reach into her past encounters with the Leader of the Rebels.
           Torren’s face swam before her. She replaced the straw and stuffing filled dummy with his image until it became clearer and the Rebel Leader’s cold, gold eyes stared back at her. His characteristic wicked grin mocked her and gave her chills. The tattoos that began on his forehead and ran down the side of his cheek, disappearing behind the leather vest he always wore, looked like a vine of thorns.
            He was as tall and broad as Colton, with muscles that bulged on his arms and chest. A strong Androne, but nevertheless, one she planned to bring down.
            Her stomach tightened as she thought about his bruising hands and insistent mouth on hers. He tried to rape me. She shivered. And then he tried to kill me. She felt the cold steel of his blade when it slid into her back again. Not to mention all he has done to Colton.
            Burning rage replaced the grip of fear in her gut. Electricity coursed down her arms. I hate him. In her mind she pictured blue bolts of lightning firing out of her palms.
            The surge grew to encompass her whole body.  The energy built and formed into daggers that exploded from her fingertips. Cotton stuffing and straw filled the air, catching on fire then smoking as it fell to the floor.
            Stevie lowered her arms and sank to her knees. Her eyes met Esalon’s, his shocked expression mirroring what she felt.
            “Shylae …” he paused and then stuttered out, “you—you... That was amazing…” He walked toward her. “I have seen energy balls from other Mages, but this, well, this is simply unbelievable.”
            The fog of smoke and particles cleared. Stevie glanced at the dummy. There was hardly anything left—except for the wound she had pictured in her mind—the one right between his eyes. It was still visible even though the head lolled to the side, hanging on by a few threads. “I … I …”
            Esalon set his hand on her shoulder. “No one else can know of this for now. It would scare most and we certainly do not want our
enemies to find out.” He waved his arm in an arc and the remaining fires were snuffed out.
            She nodded slowly, still staring at what her powers had done to the fake, stuffed Torren. When the time comes for me to face him—will I have the courage to kill him? Or will I remember the damage my powers can do and let him live?
I hope you enjoyed the read. Please email me and let me know, but in the meantime, I hope you are excited to read Myth and see what's in store for Stevie and her friends! 
Hugs, Lisa
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