Fable - by Lisa Fender & Toni Burns

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Fable: Book 1 of the Lorn Prophecy

FableStevie Barrett lives an ordinary life in Golden, Colorado, where nothing remarkable ever happens. That is until right before her high school graduation, when Stevie’s life takes a bizarre turn. Her best friends, Jack and Alyssa, want to be supportive, but are confused by the events plaguing Stevie.

Stevie’s mom is attacked by men with glowing gold eyes. A strange being spies on Stevie, hidden in shadow. She has waking visions of a people called the Djen and their archaic world. And when her and her BFFs don’t think it can get any weirder, Stevie heals a stranger with a touch. The abilities build until they are a tidal wave awakening within her and threaten her sense of reality.

Her efforts to understand what is happening lead her and her friends to discover a group known as the Rebellion. These warriors from another dimension are hunting her. Their leader is a man bent on destroying Stevie and possessing her legacy. In order to stop him and save everyone she loves, Stevie and her friends must embark on a quest to find and return Tecton, one of the five Orbs—relics—of the other plane she comes to know as Djenrye. The journey will alter everything she believes, propelling her into another world and another life.



Lore: Book 2 of Lorn Prophecy... coming soon

Stevie has crossed through the portal from her home in Terra-hun to the mysterious world of the Djen.

Lore takes the reader into Djenrye, a pristine world, yet filled with strife, and follows Stevie’s journey to becoming their new Guardian.  She is mesmerized by the untouched wilderness and fantastical beings of this new realm. As she traverses this ancient world, still hunted by the Rebellion, she gains new protectors and friends. A Faerie Queen and a daughter of the Behm become her sentinels, along with Colton—the love of her life.

New and unexpected enemy’s surface. Colton, afraid for her life, uses all his power and knowledge to guide her through the country while protecting her from unforeseen dissention and threats. The untouched paradise has become a place of anxiety and fear for Stevie and her role as the Guardian.

Meanwhile back in Terra-hun, Wood, Jack, Alyssa, and Jan struggle to keep the secret of Djenrye and Stevie’s heritage. FBI agents have been called in to investigate the odd circumstances of Jan Barrett’s attack. As the Feds dissect the case, Detective Wood and the group try to stay one step ahead of them. The last thing they need is to turn from victims to suspects in the murders of two Golden police officers.

One of the FBI agent’s has also witnessed strange phenomenon and knows there is more to this story. He becomes Wood’s worst nightmare as he closes in on the truth.

Wood and the others must protect the portal and the people on the other side. To do so might mean the hardest decision of their lives—walking away the only world they have ever known. 

Lore is due to release this winter, stay tuned.