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Lisa Fender, AuthorLisa Fender

By the time I was a year old I had flown 10,000 miles and I can say I’ve lived in several parts of the world.

I was born in Louisville, Kentucky and adopted at 5 months old. My new family whisked me off to Greece for the next five years and it is where my sister was born. Our traveling around Europe seems to have left a mark on my developing psyche since I have a strong love of history, for travel and for folklores. To me there is nothing better than a good story filled with faeries, dragons, and elves.

After those adventures, we returned to Kentucky where I attended grade school. Just as I was getting into my terrible teens, my mother was offered a wonderful position with her job in Colorado. Our family has now lived in this beautiful state for 40 years. I have come to love the Rocky Mountains with their scenic views and majestic peaks. The rivers, forests, and wildlife are embedded in my heart and my soul.

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Between my love of travel, history, and reading, it triggered something in me—an urge to write. 

While I don’t have a fancy degree to brag about, I have always been an avid reader. I love a good mystery or fantasy fiction and decided to combine the two, along with my other loves, and created the world of the Djen.

I have always wanted to write a book, well, for as long as I can remember. I wrote poetry up until my late teens, and a few short stories, all of which have disappeared through the many moves in my life. But I held onto the notion that one day I would take the time to write a novel. When I was laid off, with half the country, in 2009, I decided now was the perfect time.

Of course I can’t just write one book, it has to be a series. And not just one series, but two. I hope that you enjoy my world of the Djen. Like me, Stevie, the main character in my first novel, lives in Golden, Colorado. But her adventures take her to faraway, unexpected places. I wanted the book to show a pristine world, untouched by human destruction, and so Djenrye was born—a place of beauty that also has its share of strife.

The second series, the Djenrye Chronicles, are stories from Djenrye’s past. I know those who love fantasy fiction have probably read Lord of The Rings and the Silmarillion. I wanted to create stories about the history instead of writing in a text book format. I thought the readers would enjoy that much more.

I do want to answer one question that is probably on your mind. Yes, there is another name on the front of my book. It’s my sister, Toni Burns. Toni helped me with my editing for the first book in both series, but has decided to move onto other things. I had hoped she would continue the series with me, but it’s just me now. Don’t worry, they have always been my story from the beginning and I plan finish them both.

I continue to live and write in Colorado, with my wonderful and, not to mention, supportive husband, my family, and my sweet dog, Branch. I am working diligently to finish the series so bear with me. I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

Welcome to the world of Djenrye and Stevie’s journey. I would love to have you part of this story, so feel free to join in on the interactive blog. That’s what it’s for. In the meantime, feel free to drop me a line or leave me a comment anytime about the novels.

Thank you all for your support with my writing endeavor. I couldn’t do it without you!